Every Small Business has a Story…

Every small business has a story to tell. A reason why they got started, a tale of their humble beginnings, or a story that tells why they continue to serve the customers they do. As new small business owners in the Niagara region, we understand the motivations and the ups and downs first hand. That’s why we want to tell your small business stories and help you have your voice heard.

The very first edition of our small business stories features H2Only, a reverse osmosis water supply company started by Wilma and John Snippe. Wilma and John clearly understand the relationship between wellness, health, and water, and now operate their business throughout the Niagara region, Hamilton and Burlington. Their success and growth has been built on their consistent high quality product and outstanding customer service.

This is H2Only’s “back story”

Sometimes it’s interesting to find out why a company got started.  Here’s the back story!

I grew up with an orchard in my backyard in Grimsby. When the farmer would put his gas mask on to spray the noxious grey clouds over the apples, my mom would call us in from playing in the orchard, but as soon as he was done, we were back out in it, stomping around in the grey mist he left behind. Bizarre now when you think of it!

As a teenager in the 1970’s, I babysat for a young family down the street.  The father developed stomach cancer.  He had his own little garden for vegetables but the farmer coated it with his orchard spray when driving by on his tractor.  One night, as the father walked me home from babysitting, he told me that he was dying. He was in his early thirties. He was absolutely convinced it was the orchard spray. Right then and there, he made me promise to avoid all chemicals- in my food and in the air.

I was wide eyed and afraid. No one I knew or was close to had died. And then he did die.  That conversation burned into me and I have since committed my life ( as much as possible) to living chemical free.

We’ve raised our four kids on our own organic garden – going strong now for 31 years.  No spray!

It was natural for us to search for pure water as well.  When we couldn’t find a company that could produce pure water affordably for families, we did the research and began H2Only in 1994. We started small- our concern was for our children and friends.

We had NO idea that we would grow to where we are today, serving industries, hospitals, universities, as well as many homes across the Niagara Peninsula and now Hamilton and Burlington, too.  It is exciting for us to know that so many people are drinking pure water. We can’t tell you how to make any other healthy decisions for your life, but this is the huge one. We feel it’s the MOST important one.   We’re glad that you think so, too.

…and that’s the back story!

Story Written by Wilma Snippe

Blog: Lesley Dumlao